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  • Inspired by nature, the vertebrae supports the blade hollow, protecting the edges more.
  • The open design also allows water to drain away more quickly and effectively.
  • No fiddling, no parts, simply snap on and walk off!
    The rubberized material and open design means they can stretch to fit most blade types and sizes.
  • Wider rubberized grip and matt finish make walking easier.
  • The rubberized sole is softer and quieter, means no more click-clack.


    Small to fit free-style blade 7 to 8, dance blades 8 to 9 1/4
    Medium to fit free-style blades 8 ¾ to 10 ¼, dance blades 9 1/2 to 11

  • Colors in S: Candy pink, Playful Fucsia, Magical Purple,  Happiness Blue, Royal Blue.

  • Colors in M: Elegant Black, Royal Blue, Playful Fucsia, Harmony Green,  Polished Gray, Joyous Orange, Magical Purple,  Happiness Blue, Pure White, Glowing Yellow, Splash Pink, Splash Yellow.

Adjustable bladeguards

  • Our adjustable blade guards protect your blades off ice.
  • Made from PVC and EVA for durability.
  • 2 piece spring loaded design, to be cut and assembled. They can be adjusted to fit all sizes, and stay firmly in position to provide full protection.
  • Choose your favourite color!

Maxi animal blade buddy

  • After skating, unlace your boots properly, wipe the blades down and put on soft blade guards. Our oversized maxi blade buddies add a smile to your skate care.
  • Thicker inner padding for absorption and keep the blades dry, preventing rust.
  • In soft velvet exterior with embroidered Edea logo, are all fully washable.
  • Extra padding for more protection.
  • Reinforced base to protect it from the sharpen blade.


    Suitable for all blades up to 10 ¾ inches.

Dune blade covers

  • Soft and padded with velvet exterior with a new stylish wave pattern, ideal for storing your blades.
  • Thicker inner padding for absorption.
  • Elegant embroidered Edea logo.
  • Stronger lining for more protection with a reinforced base to protect it from the sharpen blade.


    Suitable for all blades up to 11 inches.

eco - fur blade covers

  • After skating, wipe down your blades to stop them rusting.
    Putting on blade covers after wiping protects the edges of your skates and helps your blades last longer.
  • A touch of elegance is to combine the faux fur with a knitted collar.
  • The Edea logo featuring rhinestones has been applied to the collar on one side, while the opposite side has been left free to imagination and personalization.
  • The inner padding and the absorbent lining keep the blades dry.
  • One size fits all.
  • Colours: White, Black.